Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Noir Punk Gamblers

I've got some pieces up in a show over at Vision Gallery on E.156th street in Collinwood. It's over where TRUE Gallery used to be, across the street from Cafe Marika on the corner of 156th and Waterloo. It's a 25/25 show, so 25 artists with works for $25.

Here's three of the six pieces I contributed. These are from a little intermediary booklet that I'm making for this series of comics set in CLEVELYN, a fictional version of Cleveland. The first story was "ON DOWN THE TIMELINE" which was published in SHINER Number One. The second story will be in SHINER Number Two, which we hope will be out in August. It's still in the works.




I'll probably redraw at least that last one, and then maybe the second one too. I dunno, still playing with the format of the booklet itself. I'll post the other three pieces and some additional work as soon as I get it done and a chance to bust it out.

My second semester back at school is winding down and it's kind of underwhelming. It should be totally kicking my ass, and I think it actually is, but maybe I'm just not acknowledging it. Been watching a shload of movies still. Mostly NOIR lately. Just a huge amount of NOIR.


So Buttons said...

"Just a huge amount of NOIR" is funny to me. It's a self effacing joke about despair with the slightest undertone of vulgarity and a dash of nationalism. It's good every time.

calorie queen said...

Um...why does Garfield like lasagna so god damn much?

Am I on the wrong blog right now? So Buttons is confusing me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I like what you're doing and that I think you're right about how we both ought to just eat salads for the rest of our lives.

That being said, when do you want to get Melt again?

John G said...

I'm pretty sure Garfield would be into a Lasagna Melt. I think Marmaduke would be into it too.

So Buttons loves you.

Wait, are you calling my fat?