Thursday, May 01, 2008

Novelty Prankster Gentrifiers

I've pretty much decided not to continue in school after this semester. Not that anybody cares. I certainly don't.

Here's some more CLEVELYN characters...




I think I'll probably redraw Rafeeq and Solomon for the booklet I'm putting together. We'll see, they're not as terrible as I initially thought.


Mr. Hawthorne said...

These are amazing, Man! Holy shit!

Why no more school?


John G said...

Thanks Mike!

School has just outlived it's purpose for me at this point. I reeeeaally want to continue with the Spanish classes, and maybe I will. The catch is that they only offer the next one for me on the internet for the summer. I'd really rather be in a class talking to people and hearing the language. I know if I take the summer off I'm probably not going to come back in the fall. Then again, who knows?

Andrew said...

That cat at the bars cooo