Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Narcotic Patented Gasmask

=Just a couple sketches today. Busy trying to finish this website made of Flash. I'll post it up when I get it done. The hardest part is sitting and working and not getting distracted. Oh, and the actual planning part. Planning things out before actually trying to do them is a novelty, I think. Not exactly something I'm practiced at. Usually I just "do".

Rafeeq, of CLEVELYN. Drawn in Spanish class.

Mostly done digitally, I drew a sketch with a crummy crummy pen during a history class, and then scanned it, added most of the blacks and the sky and played around to make it non-so-shitty. Halfway inspired by The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford. I really liked that film. A lot. I recommend it. It's a long slow burn, though. It's good movie to just watch and spend time with. Here's one of the posters... not that I was really trying to imitate it or pay homage or anything. I don't think I had even seen this one until just now. The cover of the DVD I had was a little different.

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