Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey, I really like this Dave Cockrum THOR cover from 1979. I think it's the purple bell bottoms + the word balloons full of ridiculous:

Also, a heads up, I've got a piece in this event: ART FUR ANIMALS, a benefit for The Friends of The Cleveland Kennel. You here in Cleveland should come out and buy some art. The list of contributors is awesome.

Here's what the piece I gave them looks like, it's actually kinda big, 15 x 20:

Originally I had planned on using this as a wrap around cover to this CLEVELYN booklet I'm working on, but now that I'm looking at it small I think I'll do something else. I tried to use three point perspective, but I'm not sure how successful that was. Those kitties in the foreground are actually my cats. Rider is the big one, Challa is the smaller one. They're probably thinking about how many mice are loose in that big decayed city. Mice they could chase and kill.

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