Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Challenger: One

Pretty happy with the work I've done for this show over at Vision Gallery for the Waterloo Arts Fest this weekend. I drew a series of 7 pieces of escalating sizes. The series starts off with four 6" by 9" drawings on 9" x 12" pieces of bristol board. Then there are two 10" x 15" on 12" x 18" boards, then the final 14" x 21" on a full 18" x 24" drawing board. The scheme is to hang them in a giant grid formation. I mapped it all out for the curators, so I hope it works. Show opens to the public on Saturday.

Here's the first four pieces... they have names but I forgot the piece of paper I wrote them down on!

This is the idea, when all is said and done:

I dunno what, if anything, I'm going to do with these aside from, y'know, selling the originals. If they even sell. I've priced them to sell, so... anyway. I'll post up the other ones later this week.

Saturaday, I'll also be at The Beachland Ballroom's Rock and Roll Flea Market selling zines, prints, and tons of original art. Please come out and say "hi"!

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