Friday, July 25, 2008

Died on Friday

Busy Busy Busy, but I wanted to post some shit. No flyers or anything. I'm mostly in the cave busting my ass on some pieces for this show at Vision Gallery that opens on Saturday August the 2nd. It's part of the Waterloo Arts Fest. It should be fun.

This piece has nothing to do with that though, it's just something I'm fucking around with. I think I'm going to try and bust out a new artbook style thing in time for this upcoming event I'm planning for September. Anyway, colors and textures:

Speaking of Art Books... HOLY SHIT. Derek Hess has just published an insanely great art book called Please God Save Us. I got it at the release/signing at the Natural History Museum and I'm super glad I did. You can order it online, here, or if you're in Cleveland, get it and get it signed at Ingenuity Fest on Saturday from 3 to 6. The book is really well thought out and full of tons of great, really clever, pretty overt Hess art.

Also, I wanted to say Hellboy II kicks The Dark Knight's ass in half, but more on that laster...

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