Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nietzsche-esque President Ghidorah

New flyer for The Deathers, We March, Necropolis, and Short Rabbits. The Tower 2012!

Here's the line art, which is entirely an idea from Jae Kristoff of The Deathers. He requested birds on a telephone wire, burning. I was pretty stoked, and feel that I fucking nailed it.

I had no idea if Jae wanted it in black and white or color, so... yeah.

Then with the colors, I wanted to go slightly more subtle than I usually so. Coloring is such a time consuming thing, and it's by far the part that I feel I could fuck up the easiest. I like it a lot though. The colors.

By The Way: ASTOUND! is having the dudes from Far East Monsters in for a signing of their new King Ghidorah statue, the second in the Destroy All Monsters set!

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