Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gritmas 2008

Here's some jams for the holidays:

A Beautiful Lady I know wanted some unique gifts for her moms and cousin. So I offered to draw some stuff for her in exchange for feeding me a couple times. I hope these went over well.

Snow sure does look cool, even if it's the worst of the worst to deal with.

Above was my holiday card I've been mailing out. I hope you got yours, if not... give it a couple days. My cats aren't really allowed to go out and play in the snow, but I bet they'd like to. Actually, today it's kinda nice out. It's been suspiciously warm.

This is Dexter the Dog. He's the buddy of another Beautiful Lady's mom. Another commission in exchange for food.


Anonymous said...

Like the cats.

jenkaplan said...

Ok, that dog is amazing. I have a greyhound. She is all black with white on her face from old age. Do you think maybe you could do a commision of my dog for me? Also I have enough money for a poster pack!!! I forgot all my money at home when I went on vacation so I didn't spend any of it and now I have a lot of money. I figure theres no better way to spend it then spending it on art. I'll send you an email in a few days when I get around to it about all this.