Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poster Megapacks

NOW AVAILABLE: Poster Megapacks featuring 53 posters, most of which are in full color, all of which are printed on cardstock and cut to various sizes. A lot of them are 11" x 17", a bunch are 11" x 14", then a bunch of oddballs. It's pretty much all the posters I've done over the past couple years. Comes packaged in a handsome envelope adorned with the image above.

I'm offering The Megapack for $50 plus $10 for shipping and handling (it's pretty heavy). It'll probably take at least a week for it to get to ya. Email me at for inquiries. If anybody actually wants one, I'll throw in some other stuff and a sketch and whatever I've got on hand.

1 comment:

Jen Kaplan said...

Maybe I'll buy one after Christmas when I will get some money. If so do you think I could pick it up somewhere so then I don't have to pay $10 shipping?

Jen Kaplan (the poster artist you met at the Beachland Flea Market)