Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Los Muertos de Mayo

This is actually way the hell into the process of drawing this piece. This is after going through about 20 other sketches. I take the best parts of all the failure and piece it together into a success. This is a culmination. I actually looked for some Dia de los Muertos art, but there wasn't a lot online of what I was looking for. I also actually went to the Avon Lake Public Library and looked through the Art Books. Shit. They have some really good stuff. I was in awe. I looked at this entire history of Latin American art. It was huge. Anyway, I think it helped a lot. I dunno.

I like ink. Brush, pen, tooth brush, white out. Masking tape.

Just when I think my Adobe Photoshop skills are honed to a fine point, I turn a page and BAM! I'm trying new shit and ways of doing things, like it's just a never ending game of one-upping myself. I love it.

Yeah, somebody actually has their shit together enough to start promotion for something 4 MONTHS AWAY. Weird, huh? I know, I couldn't believe it either!

Anyway: LOOK AT THAT MOTHERFUCKING LIST OF NAMES! Clay Parker, Scott Pickering, Staci McNasty, Dana Depew, Bernadette Glorioso, Jim Karpinski, Josh Banaszak, Carrie Bukala, I don't know who Ms. Coca de Loca GQ, Ryan Kacsandy, Dr. Trease, Liz Adams, Liz Stout, or Sara Higgins are, but if their in the company of the rest of these muggs, they probably throw down. Hard. This is gonna be a great show.

Lowlife Gallery is all the way down past the Beachland on Waterloo. This show is being set up by Staci McNasty. She wants it to be a banger. Let's not disappoint the woman. Bring yer kids.

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Jen Kaplan said...

I was once hired to do a poster for Steel Train in July and the show was in late November. I didn't have any show information until September, but I got the artwork done before that. Stacy McNasty has her artwork at the Melt. I love her stuff. You should have waffles at Melt on Sundays, their waffles are amazing! Also when I did the poster for Unwritten Law's cd release show I wanted to do a Day Of The Dead theme and there wasn't enough stuff online for me to work off of. So ended up drawing some flowers on it and had it just be inspired by Day Of The Dead. It is hard to tell that that was the inspiration, but it is. I hate how hard it is to do Day Of The Dead stuff.