Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reuben Melt

So, for the first date of the Flyer Month, I got in touch with Matt Fish at Melt, easily my favorite restaurant. He didn't have any specific events, so I offered to throw down in the name of the March sandwich special, which turns out is the Reuben Melt. So, For March 1st and beyond, I banged out this poster. I kinda went crazy with it. I'll maybe update this post later with a behind the scenes separation thing and post all the different drawings that went into this, but... anyway. Yeah, went Celtic, and bonkers. Overgrow cities and UFOs. That sandwich, I love drawing FOOD for some reason.

In my early design stage, I was going to have this Celtic warrior woman holding it down behind the sandwich. She didn't fit and it would have cluttered up the layout anyway. I'm sure I'll user her later in something else. OR, maybe just make a background and make an art poster, without any band names or sandwiches? Like "Skylooker"?


Jesse said...


Turns out I am a huge fan of yours.
I am also a big fan of Melt. I saw your artwork for the Reuben Melt last month, and didn't know if this was something new that Melt was doing, but the flyer was awesome, I took one home....the sandwich was also awesome. And then I saw your flyer for the Corny Beast, and I got pretty juiced because it seemed like they were doing it every month. Just now I randomly googled, 'melt sandwich poster', and now I know that you are responsible for these.
I am an east sider, and I often make the trip out to the west side to Melt. I have to say this last month, I was just as excited to get my hands on the poster as I was to eat the sandwich. Your art adds to the amusement park feel of the restaurant; it makes it better. It makes the sandwich of the month feel like an album release or a concert, and that is very much in the vein of the establishment. I think your stuff is great and I hope you continue to do one each month. Thanks!


John G said...

Thanks Jesse! I'm a huge Melt fan too, and I'm all about making these posters every month!