Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mother Bear

March 3rd of the Flyer Month. Not really for an event, per se, but I like Music Saves and I needed something for the 3rd, and wanted to draw the Mother Bear in her UFO. Maybe they'll sell more copies of Neko Case's new record? Probably not, that thing will sell itself. Still...

Here's an earlier version:

Here's my procession:

Starts super duper rough, this is actually step two, after the initial design thumbnails. I opten to to rough in the text on this one so I could just jump into pencils...

Tightened up on the drawing board, still leaving a lot to do, but y'know, cleaner.

This is after drawing with a paintbrush and ink. Most of the bold lines, anything that needs fills...

This is what things look like after I go in with Micron pens and touch it all up, details... blah blah blah...

Toof-brush and ink splatter all over the place, I initially masked of everything but the top, so it would be darker. I also spilled ink all over the bottom left corner and had to white out like a motherfucker.

Here's the first go-round with the lettering. I opted to do that pointy fluid like lettering I used to do on all my posters. I like that look. I also decided that the cat on the record player from the back of the Music Saves business cards needed to be on this. Designed originally by Little Jacket, one of the hands down best professional graphico gangsters out there. But then it turns out that all that info may or may not have been accurate. Sometimes plans change. So, I redrew the text, tried harder to make it more legible and BAM! Here ya go:

I took more time on it the second time around and feel a LOT better about it.

I also messed with the colors to make them more... more.

Music Saves will be giving away copies of this thing to people that purchase the Neko Case CD! You know you want one!

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