Friday, December 18, 2009

Gritmas 2009

Things have been both kind of crazy and pretty chill lately. I've been meaning to post up a bunch of various things, but haven't found the moments for typing. My hands have been busy. Been making moves out in the world. Been baking cookies in The Cave. Been hyper about producing comics again for the first time in a while. Been layered up to combat the harsh skies. Been plotting out schemes for 2010 and beyond. I'll hopefully be posting up again really soon.

In the meantime, I want to mention how well Genghis Con went and give a shout out top all that exhibited and attended. I was really anxious about the day all the way up to and including the hours right before. It totally went off without a hitch and everybody had a blast. I haven't seen that many happy people all having as much fun in such a way in a long minute, and both Scott and I couldn't be more pleased. Big thanks to Cindy and The Beachland. Big Hard Cleveland Thanks to Andy MacDonald, who came from New York, and Abhay Khosla who froze his ass in from LA.

Merry Gritmas, friends. Make it a good one.

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Abhay said...

It was SO cold! Thanks again for the great time, though, John. It really went great.