Monday, December 21, 2009

Mystery of Two in February

The mighty Mystery of Two are doing a winter residency at Arts Collinwood in February. Should be interesting, with great local shows all month: Filmstrip on the 6th, The Buried Wires on the 13th, Freedom on the 20th, and Founding Fathers on the 27th. Brought to you by The Letter "F".

For some reason it took me a really long time to get this from sketch stage to final. Like, more than a week. I'm never that slow, but I just worked on this incrementally. I think choosing the colors for the text took me at least an hour. I went with making it look sooooo cooold. February can be pretty harsh here. I'm never entirely prepared for the harsh weather, but once we're in the thick of it I feel like it's just matter of fact. Sometimes I feel like it's a challenge, like I have to go out just because it's harder than when the weather is nice. Not that I mind staying in and just drawing. I've been working on some new comics. I've been really hyped on comics lately, and I'll hopefully be posting some soon. They're part of my 2010 plans, which... Big Fat Gritty THANKS to Mike Hawthorne for the love and kind words on his blog a couple weeks ago. I've known Mike a long time and hold him up there with the greats of comics, as well as one of the most honorable and bad-ass dudes I'll ever know. He and I are going to throw down, and get bonkers, with some sequential art over the next year and I'm super stoked about it.

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