Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soaked and Frozen

It's been brutal out there in the world lately. Winter Demons among us, committing mad harsh and unforgiving trickery. I've spent more time soaked and frozen in the past few weeks than I care to even remember. Holding fast, under seven layers, the trenches feel like home again.

March 4th, Now That's Class: Mean Mother, Lost Coves, Little Sister, and The Great Flood!

Andy MacDonald requested more Lavamen, and I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out he was misremembering this weird Mongol/Viking Scarface piece as a Lavaman. So, here we are with a legit Lavaman, Soldier of Doomsounds up from The Underworld.

If you missed it, the Clevelyn Prevails benefit print is still available for order for tonight and tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who has ordered one so far!


Farel Dalrymple said...

this is rad. i just finished the last of the comics you sent me. they were all awesome but i really dug your story in shiner #2. i love the world you are creating with the clevelyn stuff. i'd love to draw a clevelyn adventure some day if you'd let me.

John G said...

Thanks Farel! So good to hear from you, man. I hope Portland's treating you well. Dude, you in deep Clevelyn would BE THE JAM! I would love to get down on an adventure!