Friday, January 12, 2007


On a journey to learn photoshop better, and also keep my inking skills sharp, I drew this piece based on the sketch from my sketchbook I posted earlier here. I knew going in though, that I wanted to color it, so I sort of catered to that end with the thick outline of the figure and relegating the mess to outside the window.

Also, there used to be this space age bar in Lakewood called Capsule that was all white, except for the benches and seats that were all orange. It had these weird window shaped framed images of space shit that were backlit hanging on the walls. It also had giant windows that looked out onto Earth 2000 A.D. or whatever, so you knew you weren't ACTUALLY in outer space. I always liked that, looking out on Madison Ave. from a space ship bar. Truth be told, it wasn't that great of a bar, but I thought the idea was awesome. It's not there anymore, now it's a bar called Two Bucks, where everything is, oddly enough, $2. Anyway, I thought of Capsule when I drew this shit because as I was working on it I realized I love this character and added her to the cast of this space pirate comic I'm currently slowly writing as I work on other stuff of more importance. I name her Atalanta.

I went buckwild with that Zs poster last time so this time I decided to pull in back a little and shoot for monotone, but even that didn't work. I wanted to go full nasty blue, but then as I went along I decided to add orange to the pallet so I could pull the character out from the background better. Also, I thought of a wicked reason why, in the comic, she would be wearing orange gear. I like the way this came out, but it took way too long. I think the process needs a really strong decision making foundation and then to run with it from there sticking to the initial choices made. At least that's the impression I get right now, early on in my quest to color shit with pixels.


jaimie 13 said...

Yeah, all I can say, is that all your stuff I've seen on here lately kicks so much ass. I love the sketchbook pages, please just keep posting them.

John G said...

Thanks Jaimie! I'll post some new stuff really soon! Hopefully later today.