Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I painted this based on a photo. I had just come in from outside and was still wearing my hat and scarf. I set up the digital camera my dude Billy Delfs let me barrow, and took some shots for this image that I've had in mind for a while now. It took a long ass time to get it right. It was fun though. Anyway...

Been going batshit up and around lately. That's all over as of yesterday. I'm going to stick to the Cave from now until this project for my dude is finished. I have been slacking on it for decades and I'm ready to throw down. I think there may be many benifits to staying home and not going out. Firstly, I'm trying to stay healthy and clean and not get sick and die. This has been a problem almost every spring for the past 6 years, with the exception of the one where I was unemployed. So, my hypothesis is that I spend all winter running around and dealing with the Cleveland weather, usually ice and snow, and I just grind myself down into a sick susceptible dude. Then BAM! Something happens that takes me out for months. NOT THIS YEAR. I'm trying to eat regular meals and sleep regular hours, and not waste thousands of hours watching DVDs and going to shows every other night and hanging around in bars. I'm kind of excited to just WORK. Get ready for this healthy healthy summer of comics and madness.

Also, I'm going to draw in my sketchbook:


Mr. Hawthorne said...

This shit is great, John. Can't wait to see more from you in 07.


jenna said...

why are you so fucking hot?