Monday, January 08, 2007


I don't know much about Zs, or X-Bolex for that matter, but goddamn this flyer was fun to draw. Cave Bear is still Cave Bear. Lou Muenz took a really sweet picture of myself and Brendan from Cave Bear SHREDDING while playing in Self Destruct Button on New Years Eve. That set was great and will hold me over till at least May. So here're the pencils, inks, and colors for this goddamn flyer. The colors were a lot of fun once I came to the conclusion that the best way to approach them was to just say "fuckit" and go haywire.

I don't know how good this coloring job is, it took forever. I like the way it turned out but wish I could figure out how to seperate elements better. I was trying to use channels with this one. I think I failed. However, I did get a lot done today inspite of wasting most of it on coloring this shit. I attribute that solely to the fact that I have started drinking coffee. I've never been able to drink coffee, really.

Firstly, it makes me bounce off the walls. I can drink any other kind of caffiene and take a NAP, but coffee, for whatever reason, I go bonkers. Secondly, I hate the way it makes your breath taste for hours after you drink it. Then my friend's moms gave me a buncha bags of gormet coffee grounds for christmas. Okay, cool... Then, I decided: why not? Why not get a coffe maker and drink coffee every morning? I think it's time I start living my life bouncing off the walls with bad breath.

That's where this story takes a swerve for the worse. My girl Maggie knew about this plan, and at Target saw a Hello Kitty coffee maker on sale. IT WAS ON SALE! Only $4.95!!! So, this is how I'm able to now get a lot of work done every day. I am bouncing off the walls after making coffee in a Hello Kitty coffee maker. I am the toughest man who has ever lived.

One more thing before I go lay down and read comics. I was at ASTOUND!, the very indie friendly awesome comic shop in Westlake, OH, and I got hooked the fuck up with a sweet HELLBOY ANIMATED t-shirt. Look upon my new shirt and be jealous, all those with no new Hellboy Animated t-shirts!

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CB said...

"I am the toughest man who ever lived." I love it. Great coffee maker, bro.