Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Doomed

THIS is the only possible better bill for a Metal Dude, and really, only the true Metal Dudes that have that stoner/doom receptors in their physical brains. High on Fire, I've done a poster for in the past, but goddamn, they might be my favorite band of all time. There were a few records there that didn't get the type of obsessive constant jamming in The Cave or The Moastery that Art of Self Defense and Surrounded By Thieves got. However, Snakes for The Divine has been a pretty perpetual companion for me this year. Such a great record. The mighty Kylesa, I've also done a poster for, but this is my first jam for Torche. This is a pretty goddamn great bill, and I think I did this jam justice with this one.

I was going to post a process explanation, but decided not to. SO, here's the text of the band names that came out way too good for once:

I really want to make a comic book, on which I can use this type style for the logo. This image is kind of somewhat inspired by this great great comic called Yeti vs Vampire, and the scene in Lord of The Rings, with the Ghost Army in the mountain. I love that ghost army.

I'll be making a very limited, signed and numbered, edition of prints of this poster to sell at the show. They'll be 16 x 24 full color glossy jams for $20. I'll also have 11 x 17s for $5. If you're not going to the show, but want one of these- please don't hesitate to shoot me an email: jgritty@gmail.com


kiely cronin said...

mr. John G,
is there any chance i can get/swipe/buy one of these posters? i dunno if you know who i am but we have met at shows.

John G said...

Yo, Kiely!

I can definitely get you a print! I am planning on selling a couple different versions at the show next week. Hit me up anytime though! I'll make sure to get you one!

Thank man,
John G