Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to Waterloo Road, Cleveland, Ohio

Here you have the full page ad from last week's Scene, and I think it's supposed to run in the Scene 2010 College Campus Guide, but I can't remember if that's real or something I basically just made up.

I've been down to Waterloo a lot lately, it's seriously a community that keeps growing in leaps and bounds. It's been really awesome to see, as an outsider kind of looking in.

The next Walk All Over Waterloo is coming up on Friday September 17th. This is probably the biggest and most involved that the street has gotten for an event other than the Arts Fest. It's really pretty awesome.

Right now, up on the Music Saves website, there's a version that has the logo linked to the other involved individual business's websites.

Here they are:

Arts Collinwood
Azure Stained Glass Studio
The Head Shop
Salty Not Sweet
Rebel City Tattoo
Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
C.L.E. Clothing Co.
Star Pop
Cleveland YoYo Club
Blue Arrow Records
The Boardwalk

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