Friday, September 10, 2010

Sniper's Holiday

YES, SKULLFACE returns to snipe some absurdly heinous motherfuckers from the rooftop.

The unfortunately named Star Fucking Hipsters, which is made up of members of other bands like Choking Victim, Leftöver Crack, The Degenerics, and The Slackers. Pretty much, in some circles, legendary musicians. Here's a video for one of their jams:

I like this video. Mostly because it kinda reminds me of episodes of Homicide: Life on The Street where detectives would question suspects in "The Box". Seriously some of the greatest, most compelling, television ever broadcast.

Other bands playing on Friday are Against The Grain, from Detroit, Michigan, Jordan Castro, The Facials, and Flies.

Here's the line art. I'm pretty happy with how this perspective landed. I used a pretty ridiculous photo ref that I took of myself, but I'm definitely not posting that. I ended up drawing all over it anyway. I opted for the photo-copied crusty versions of photographs of Glenn Beck, Lebron James, and Terry Jones for the targets because I thought it would look better and help differentiate between the scene and the perspective of Skullface's point of view through the scope.

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