Thursday, December 02, 2010

Enter The Gritty Melt/Personalized Melt Posters

This, my friends, is a poster for the signature sandwich I often order at Melt bar & grilled. It's bothe Pepper Jack and Herbed Cream Cheese, with an Avocado, Fries and Vegetarian Chili Add Ons. It's an awesome and ridiculous sandwich. Feel free to order it, and ask for it by name.

So for the art, I opted to go with a likely scenario. The Robo Version of Melt Madman, Matt Fish in his, sneaking up on the fairly accurate Magenta Wolf version of myself, in a crusty bombed out background. Matt sneaks up on me pretty much every time I see him. It's all very disconcerting. In the drawing I'm holding a Gritty Brew Root Beer, and I've got on the bag I almost always wear. This is a brush and ink drawing on an 11 x 17 drawing board.

Here's the background by itself, a separate drawing on a smaller piece of drawing board.

Here's a thing of splattered ink I used specifically for this poster, when I colored it in photoshop. I ghosted this texture over the background.

This drawing is, again, on another smaller piece of drawing board.

Text drawn with pens on a regular old sheet of 8.5 x 11 copy paper.

Here's the rough drawing I drew to start this whole shebangalang. Pencil sketches, again, on copy paper.

I know what you're thinking. You're looking at this, and asking yourself "Who the hell does John G think he is that he deserves a signature Melt sandwich?" or "Why didn't I think to order fries and chili on my sammich??" Well, to be honest, as much as I love this sandwich and have a huge ego, I drew this poster to exhibit something I'm going to offer from now on.


That's right. You can now get a poster of your, or a loved one's, favorite unique Melt Sandwich featuring your own personal requests for the artwork. I'm pretty sure this would make a great gift for that Melt Fanatic in your life.

The way it works:

You have to come up with a name and some sort of reference points for the images in the poster. For instance, your best friend in the world is named Fred Gunn. He loves Melt and usually opts for getting a Kindergarten with Smoked Gouda, a Pirogi, Roasted Garlic, and Bacon Add Ons. This we could call The Smoking Gunn. Let's say this friend really loves, I dunno, Brit Pop, The Cavs, and the movie Danger: Diabolik. So I would use the graphic sensibilities of those things to come up with a poster using the likeness of your friend Fred Gunn in some capacity. This is where I would need a photo of your friend. Even if you're interested in my drawing your friend as a robot or animal, I'd need a photo to capture "them". I can help with the naming part too, if that's something you need help with.

I'm offering Personalized Melt Posters for $100. I would prefer to get half up front, in cash or check, or paypal is also fine. Then we can hash out the details and get the show on the road. I don't have a problem getting things done quickly, but please allow at least two weeks before you need the finished prints in hand. My email is

What you would get for the hundred is:

All the original drawings from the poster, including the roughs, splatter, and text.
Six 11 x 17 full color posters of your design (additional prints would be extra).
Also, higher and low resolution jpgs of the posters for internetting it up.

I'll also make a few to hang up at the two Melt locations along with the monthly specials and movie tie-in posters. I'm going to look into getting some kind of "Personalized Melt Sandwich Catalog" for the restaurants if this turns out to be a popular thing.


Anonymous said...

this is brilliant!!!

fred said...

It was harvati

John G said...

I know, but I wanted to use the name "Smoking Gunn Melt", and Smoked Gouda made a lot more sense for the description. Though, a Havarti Gunn doesn't sound too bad...