Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mighty Macaroni Melt Returns

This month's Melt Special is the much anticipated, with very good reason, Mighty Macaroni Melt. It's the gooiest, warmest, most cheesy thing you can possibly eat, and it's gotta be one of the best sandwiches known to man. The Mighty Macaroni Melt is Creamy Homemade Macaroni and Cheese that's been formed into a brick, breaded and fried, with another serving of a cheese of your choice on the sandwich. I personally would go with cheddar or pepper-jack. I've heard of people ordering both herbed cream cheese and cheddar and getting jalapeƱo add-ons to make it almost like a Big Popper/Mighty Mac lovechild.

When I first got my first cat, Rider, his name was Macaroni at the kennel. I never asked why they called him that, but I changed his name to Rider because he was super chill on the ride home. It wasn't until a hot minute later when a friend's little 4 year old dude came over and immediately yelled out "That cat looks like a
Macaroni Penguin
!", and it blew my brains out the back of my head.

Last year, I drew Santa's Meltshop, this year I really wanted to do something else that was fun, and as much of the winter season, but not really tied to any religious holiday. Also, Macaroni Penguins are pretty good at sledding, so I've heard.

I'm pretty happy with the colors. I wanted the sandwich to look as warm as I could, and the scene to look as cold and chilly as it actually is outside here in Cleveland. Man, I love drawing.

I also just want to mention the Personalized Melt Posters again, for full on details check out this blog post: HERE.

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