Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peace, Love & Rock n' Roll

My good friend Bonnie hired me to draw/design her holiday card this year. It came out great and I'm stoked I was able to nail it the way she requested.

Bonnie works at The Rock Hall, which you can see in the background on the left. The layout and everything is pretty similar to my postcard for Gritmas, 2009, but it's such a universal image I think it carries over pretty well.

I hope everybody is staying warm out there in Clevelyn and around the world. I had a couple minutes to kill yesterday so I stopped by Lakewood Park. I was the only person there. Just me and about... 100 geese? Anyway, Someone had made these enormous snow man components (three huge balls of snow), but then clearly had no way to lift them and create the actual snow man. I felt kinda bad for him, but... I was still pretty impressed by whoever did that.

Thanks Again, Bonnie!

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