Tuesday, December 07, 2010

An Art Massacre/Killer Yeti Unleashed

This Saturday, December 11th, 2010 AD, it's another huge ridiculous overkill art exhibit thrown by the lunatics that brought you MAYhem, and a gajillion other bonkers art shows. This time way down the street on Waterloo in Collinwood. Right across the street from Blue Arrow Records. This time called "Heather Young Presents: A Holiday Art Massacre on Waterloo". There are three separate facebook event pages for this event, but here's the true one: HERE

My contribution to the show is a pretty big print of the full color art from the poster (above), and then the actual original black and white drawing (below).

Here's the drawn text, in all it's inked out glory. Look at all those names. I think I possibly spelled a couple wrong, but that was how they were given to me.

Then I used this splatter pattern to color the thing. It's endlessly fun to make this shit.

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