Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Doughboys Redux

Bringing back the Doughboys poster from a couple posts ago. Finally got a show for this oe,a nd it's oddly totally appropriate! The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Power Trip, Night Siege!

My homie Jake Kelly totally ripped me off, too. Man, he stole my original idea and used it for flier for a show in Cleveland, as if nobody would notice. Well I NOTICED. Because he asked permission first. Then gave me credit in the lower right corner. What a jerk! Actually, if anybody other than Jake had done this, I would hunt them down and terrify them until they curled up into the weak-sauce filled basket of quivering simpering puppy guts that they are. Only one dude's ever pulled this shit that I know of, and that dude has been dead ever since.

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