Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pac Man vs. Ghosts

This poster actually evolved fairly organically, it started off as a totally different poster for something else I had on my desk at the same time. I was in the middle of trying to do something more surreal and weird, and had this idea of this skinny oddly swirling dude with an iguana head falling into these ghosts, but then I was having a hard time with the actual iguana head... at one point I starting thinking about what else would fit in there, and roughed in a slightly too large circle where the head is, then everything clicked- "BLAMMO", Pac Man appeared and I realized this was the perfect for for The Ataris.

I had actually never heard The Ataris, but when I checked them out, it seemed pretty wide open, thematically, like they didn't really have a focal point to draw from and nail down an image for. Rock and Roll bands are often strange like that- there's bands that have a sound that is so visceral, so visually inspiring, like when I hear it I can see what that sound looks like in my mind's eye, but then on the other hand there are bands that have just a wide open space, a vacuum that literally anything could fit into, and fill, visually. It's not really a value judgement, I'm not saying those band's aren't as good though I guess I do prefer bands that roll with a heavy theme or focus. Anyway, though I never owned an actual Atari system, I played a lot of Pac Man in my day. It's a wonderful game. I really dropped the ball by not including any fruit on this poster. Goddamn, at least some cherries or something?

I tried to look up the opening bands and could not find anything about We Were Kids. Originally, the first results for looking up Beat Kids were just videos from Wondershowzen's Beat Kids segments that are all pretty funny. It took me a bit of digging to find Beat Kids, after deciding that the Beat Kids from Vancouver that evidently broke up on New Year's Eve was not the band playing this show. After doing hundreds and hundreds of fliers and posters for shows, I gotta confess- I pretty much hate all band names. It's not you, Band Names, it's me.

UPDATE: I've been informed We Were Kids has a bandcamp site:!

The show is at Now That's Class, March 2nd!

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