Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity is the band that I think best cultivated a fan base by way of that insane logo with the radiation symbol in place of the eyes and nose of a skull with pointed spikes popping out all over it's dome, back when that was a move a band could make. It's very much an thing of the 1980s, that move, especially the specifics of incorporating the radiation symbol, which at the time, I feel like the fear of a Cold War nuclear missile attack had lessened it's grip a little and the overall paranoia had moved on to fear of just... radiation poisoning from any number of sources. I could be wrong, I mean, Red Dawn was made in 1984, and that was basically a propaganda film. Anyway, Pushead designed that logo, and I probably saw it on at least a million jean jackets and Trans Am bumpers when I was a teenager. It just seemed like it was everywhere, and I had never once heard the band, or knew anyone that had heard the band.

Valient Thorr was probably one the best live bands I have ever seen in my life, the last time they were here. It was seriously the most fun I've had at a show in years, and the crowd was amazing. I think Valient Himself said some of the funniest, most insightful, and entertaining things I've heard someone say into a microphone in a long ass time. In stark contrast to the vibe at a lot of metal shows, there was just an overwhelmingly positive vibe during their set at this show. If the Cleveland Winter Demons got you down, I highly recommend you get to The Grog Shop on Monday, March 5th for this, because it will make you super duper happy to have seen Valient Thorr.

A side note: Valient Himself writes a pretty great blog about bad movies that he somehow updates pretty frequently. It's a straight up "What's What" of awesomely terrible movies.

I did a poster for the show the last time Torche played, but I think I missed them at the show. Or, maybe they've been back since, but I missed them then too. I dunno, I know I've done multiple Torche posters and probably never actually seen them play. Maybe this time I'll hang out and pay more attention! I don't really know anything about A Storm of Light.

I liked drawing this poster. It was fun. Though, it kind of feels like I'm cheating, playing to my strengths and basically repeating something I did for the Red 7 New Year's Eve poster: A Cavelady with Lots of Weapons in Front of A Shadowy Large Thing. Still, it's fun to draw that stuff, and someday I'm going to do that as a comic. Just pages and pages of Caveladies and Shadowy Largeness.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this initially, so I'm adding it. That bag of skulls this blue Cavelady is carrying was meant to be the same Bag of Heads that Frankenstein had in the Goathwhore poster I drew recently. Continuity, these posters are all CANON.

Go to this show, it's going to be super fun. Wear your jean jacket. Under your winter coat.

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