Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hey Ladies

This is happening RIGHT NOW. Har Mar Superstar and Marijuana Deathsquads are currently at The Mohawk in Austin, Texas for a February Residency. This is only the second Mohawk poster I've done but I'm pretty stoked on it, especially since I drew this in a blur of illness recovery in the early middle part of January. I got so sick, I was torched alive- then the drugs I took to get better were like being in a crazy maze filled with waterfalls worth of the opposite of good ideas and barely any sleep. However, that week's worth of madness I got this done. So, that was the best feeling that week. Getting shit done always feels pretty awesome, but getting shit done in spite of reality caving in... that's a special kind of gratifying.

I sent my dude at Transmission Events a couple different roughs to give him the option of going with ladies, or just going bold face APESMOKE. The ladies mostly come thematically from Har Mar Superstar's whole projected persona, especially the more recent videos. I saw Sean Tillman's other band Sean Na Na a reeeeaaaally long time ago, and it was pretty dope, but nothing like the direction Har Mar Superstar has gone.

I feel like this variation has some longevity to it. I will use this for something in the future. Something will definitely come along that will need a close up of an ape with giant sunglasses, smoking a smoke. That's a certainty, not even any room for doubt. Probably won't give him a mullet, but ...the question is when, and what will it be? Maybe you've got the answer to that.

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