Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I feel like I haven't posted anything in a year. I've got a bunch of irons in multiple fires, so there is much posting to come very soon. However, I felt the need to get this up just as an interim piece. Don't want anyone forgetting I exist. I also happen to like this jam, so I'm going to write some stuff about it that may or may not benefit anybody to read.

The idea with this piece, this commission, is that it's not totally a landscape of the setting of the stellar HBO show Deadwood, as much as it's a landscape of "Deadwoodesque" characteristics. That was the instructions I got, and how I chose to proceed. I re-watched some choice episodes of the show, then got down to grinding. I had done all the heavy lifting, but had to ink with the client present. I thought that would be pretty bad, not having the art done in time, but she actually liked it a lot. I think. Got that impression. Getting to see the brush strokes and ink splatter techniques that she's paying for. So, that's now an option for any commission. If you want to WATCH me draw, I will do so for anyone.

The rough sketch, a second attempt, the first being below. I was pretty thrilled with how this came out, even with wonky perspectives and loose overall architecture. They never really show any long shots of the camp on Deadwood, so it's mostly just guess work as to what buildings are where or what they even look like further than their doors and fa├žades. I've always got that disclaimer: it's NOT Deadwood but Deadwoodesque.

This one, an early attempt at riffage, was kind of a failure with no heart in it. Too close for comfort, and maybe it could have been something with just a little elbow grease or deepening the depths. I don't know, and it's too late to care. So, here's that. You can always get at me for whatever illustration needs by emailing jgritty at gmail dot com.

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