Thursday, September 17, 2009

Temporal Passport

You built something awesome. It's so awesome, it's a total monument to innovation and imagination... ambition, determination, your grit, your gusto. You built this thing with your mind and your two hands. You fueled it, primed it, hit the ignition. IT WORKS. It started, and now it's totally and completely OUT OF CONTROL. What have you done? You built something awesome. Own it.

Here's some links to these bands, for your listening/viewing pleasure: Japandroids, The Coathangers, MEGACHURCH, Church of The Snake

I think one of the major travesties of my reality is that no matter how buckwild bonkers I get, no matter how far out there I push myself beyond my own limitations, no matter what levels of insanity and thuggishness I ascend to... I will never be able to draw half as both dynamic and subtle (at the same time) as ERIC CANETE does, seamlessly so. I thought a lot about that while devising this piece. A dude with a jet pack? My perspective is weak sauce compared to that man's.

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