Monday, September 07, 2009

Three Thirds

It's Melanie from Music Saves' 33rd birthday! For the final Alley Cat Friday of 2009 (Tom and Leia of Afternoon Naps), the store is having a party to celebrate. I heard that Melanie loves the number 3 and is really pumped on turning 33. In this poster there are 33 donuts (including the giant one she's sitting in), 33 records (though so are hidden by the text), and 33 bottles of beer (also, some hiding). There are 333 sprinkles on that giant donut. I wish they had 2 more cats at Music Saves.

At any rate, between this and the Uno Lady jam, it's funny that I've drawn two posters for awesome ladies, and actually drawing them (not them as robots or animals). Both posters involve their favorite foods, and both posters involve pets.

Here's the rough. There's a distinct lack of beer bottles, which... I decided there needed to be 3 sets of 33 after I already drew this. Other than that, I highly doubt there are 333 sprinkles on the giant rough donut.

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