Monday, September 07, 2009

One Lady

The beautiful and talented Uno Lady is having a tape release party on her birthday! It also happens to be the release party for the Freedom/Deathers split 12" record! Thumbs Up! is also playing. Of course it's at Now That's Class.

The tape is called "I Really Like Genetics But I'd Rather Have a Good Time", and it's awesome, You can order it on the Uno lady Myspace Page. Grip it while it's hot.

Christa (Uno Lady), for Halloween a couple years ago, dressed up as a Pizza Cop, using both a police uniform/fake mustache, and a pizza costume. I thought this was pretty hysterical and hilarious. I've always thought Christa was one of the funniest people, and that Halloween pretty much cemented that opinion in place forever.

Christa also has a dog named Flip. He's pretty famous:

I feel like I've seen Uno Lady play a lot, and every time is as special as the last. It's really lovely and soft and dreamlike and haunting and epic all at the same time. I get a very deeply cosmic feel from it, like being bled into the universe. It's almost 100% A'Capella, using loops and prerecorded tracks, which is deceptively super simple, and in reality probably pretty complex. If done wrong, her approach could be pretty hard to take. She's very masterful at it. Then the content is pretty straight forward and usually fun. She sings about stuff like Walking Dogs and Orange Floats(?), and there's almost a childlike wide-eyed-ness about it. It's very very wonderful thing.

Here's a little peek at the line art:

I'm really really happy about how the space jam worked out. I feel like it's just this big mess of ink and white out and fingerprints that ended up looking like planets and stars. I like it:

Go to the show, buy the tape and Freedom/Deathers split record, and have fun! Wish Christa a Happy Birthday!


Erin said...

This is amazing. Thank you John.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous, this simply is awesome. The cosmic bike tires take the cake.