Friday, September 11, 2009


This is some seriously nerdy nerd shit right here, but yesterday I gripped issue #3 of BPRD 1947, written by my old pal Josh Dysart, with art by two of my favorites Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bรก. After reading it I got to the letters page and started reading this one letter, which then mentioned my local comics retailer (where I had just gotten the comic), ASTOUND! in Westlake, and then realized... holy shit, I WROTE THAT. That's my letter!

I generally take one of my flyers and write a little note on it and mail it in, usually after every issue of any Hellboy comic. Sometimes I skip a month or two. I don't think I've sent one in a while though. The Hellboy series are the only comics I buy month to month. One of the reasons is that they're always so good I can't wait to get them. Another reason is they come out frequently enough that it's a steady stream of quality comics between the various creative teams. Right now there are three series happening: Post WWII Vampire Weirdness Banger BPRD 1947, the latest chapter in the comics epic of the now Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, and Victorian mystery horrorfest Witchfinder: In The Service of Angels. Man, I love comics.

I'm going to go write Hellmail a note.

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