Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doom Heroics

Heroics and Doomed out Gloom go hand in hand. Birthdays and The Apocalypse, and there's nothing you can do. For the past few weeks I've been dodging rubble falling off crumbling buildings that were losing the war. Wrecking ball accuracy, bulldozers taking their sweet ass time. I watched it fall in increments. Those structures were over a hundred years old and it still takes forever to destroy them. That's gonna be one hell of a haunted parking lot.

You should probably go see Trigger Effect from the city of Montreal in the province of Quebec in nation of Canada on the continent of North America, plus say Happy Birthday to half the members of my homies All Dinosaurs, and I have no idea who or what The Give & Go's is, but they are playing this show. I think there will probably be mostly hot girls in attendance, that's the impression I get anyway. Hot girls that read comics and love playing video games. Right?

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