Friday, June 18, 2010

Heights Arts at The Grog

TONIGHT at the Legendary Grog Shop, Heights Arts is throwing a fundraiser show to benefit their wonderful organization.

The show starts with Workers Union promptly at 7, then Trepanning Trio, Stoned By Magic, my favorite lady Uno Lady, Chief Bromide, with the mighty Terminal Lovers\ headlining the night.

I set this poster in Clevelyn, because I felt like this event is definitely taking place in that universe. Having a robot statue of Michelangelo's David holding a Fender Precision Bass is this possibly odd combination of classical and contemporary sensibilities. I mean, David and the Fender are masterpieces of design and artistic moves. That being said, this is a poster to promote a rock show. It's an eclectic show, but it's still bands playing music at a club, and I still wanted it to work for that.

I drew this on a 14" x 17" piece of Bristol Board with brushes and ink, then microns, then splattered it with ink off a toothbrush. Then I hit it with white out and then went back on it with more ink. I'm pretty close to being done any smaller than that. I wanted this to have as much good detail as I could, and I think that worked.

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