Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's easy to see the failures. Beacons of burning failures lighting the past, behind me. Every misstep, every mistake. They dwell and follow, and stay lit as a reminder. Smoldering landscapes of "how not to". The plumes of smoke rising from these fires obscures any visions of successful moves. I should have posted these before the events they're supposed to promote, instead of now, after the fact. After the fact, what do they even do? Serve as a reminder? A token? A design artifact? Later, tonight, I'm going to post some new posters for stuff coming up. Those might serve their actual purpose, their reason for being. These are just going up to say "Hey- I made these". Failure.

The Head Shop is now open for business. Waterloo's newest addition is right down over by Arts Collinwood and the Café. I haven't actually been in the store yet, but I saw the place being built, and it was really impressive. Much like how that whole neighborhood has come into it's own over the past few years. I've written about this elsewhere, but I'm very pleased about how close that community is, and happy to be a peripheral member that can swing by every now and then and still feel at home there.

I drew this poster sooooo long ago. I had a whole behind the scenes process thing I was working on to post about it too. Maybe I'll try and get that up later as well, but ...don't hold your breath. At any rate, it was kind of a response to hearing about people assuming that I, and other artists, just make all these posters by using google image searches and Photoshop. I got pretty annoyed with that. Anyway, Cro-Mags, hardcore legends. Fuckers Municipal Waste, plus Austin's Iron Age and Rat King.

It was a punk show! RVIVR, Tin Armor, Unwelcome Guests, and The Fucking Cops. I bet this was a lot of fun.

So, about the conclusion of LOST. I drew this at least a couple weeks before the finale, and I was hoping Hurley would end up as the guardian of the island. Hurley was easily my favorite character. My favorite episode was in Season 3, I think it's episode 10, "Tricia Tanaka is Dead". It's the one where he finds the micro-bus in the jungle and he gets Charlie, Jin, and Sawyer to help him start it up. It's such a fun and funny episode, even with the "Cheech was a deadbeat dad" plot element. Especially since it follows the dreadful ass opening handful of episodes of that season, which are all kind of ridiculously over the top with frustratingly bad drama.

At any rate, Jorge Garcia kept a pretty good blog about his experiences here: and has continued to blog here:

Whatta dude.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, it's the poster for The Prime Time Prime Rib Melt, from Melt Bar and Grilled. I can't believe I dropped the ball on posting this last month, OR that it's already the 16th and I have yet to post the Pig Roast poster. Which, again... later today maybe, I'm catching up! These Melt posters are my bread and butter (and cheese), I should totally be on top of this shit.

I have, however, been to the amazing East Side Melt location over on the corner of S. Taylor and Cedar in Cleveland Heights. Talk about success! It's huge and awesome. I've even lucked out with the parking every time I've gone. My heart still resides at the Lakewood location though. It always will. If anybody reading this is interested in some night-time patio hanging in the next couple weeks, get at me.

I think that's everything that I missed. I know I've done more work, but some is still upcoming and I'd like to write more about it. Y'know, successfully promote these events.

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