Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here we go: That crazy motherfucker Dirty Bill from my favorite band of all time Federation X and 1776 has made a movie, a documentary film about the legendary Northwestern mutant lunatics that were called Kill All Redneck Pricks.... KARP. It's called KARP LIVES! The good folks at Red 7 in Austin Texas are having a raging fundraiser just to raise some money so Bill can finish this masterpiece and get it the fuck done. I wanna see this thing:

That is a Converse All Star imprint, which is kind of what I figured KARP members would be prone to wearing, rather than something like boots or moccasins or whatever the hell else kids from the Pacific Northwest wore back in the early to mid 1990s. The image, I tried to conjure up the notion that the band left a GIANT AWESOME IMPOSSIBLE TO FILL impression on the barren scape where only the few weirdo D + D type adventurers would ever really dare to ...venture. I kept things pink and brown because that's kind of funny, if childish. I dunno, I laughed.

The Dead See, Red X Red M, and The Fleshlights are playing music. If you're in Austin and you enjoy live music, or documentaries about awesome bands, or hanging out with wild out motherfuckers, you should go to this show.

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dude i love fed x!