Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puncture Wounds

I don't know if this is a new thing, I dunno if there's been a change, but I feel like in Cleveland there has been strange strings of violence lately; shootings of artists and rockers, people getting their asses beat or robbed. Laves me wondering "What the fuck?". At any rate- that's kind of where this piece came from. Oh, also, I stole the idea of a shload of swords sticking out of the ground and, y'know... the antagonist, from the infinitely innovative Blade of The Immortal. Booyah.

Hardcore megadudes (based on hoodie popularity), BANE are playing a show at Now That's Class. Trapped Under Ice from Baltimore, Cruel Hand, Alpha and Omega (From LA?), with locals Our Fight and Ghost Breeder.

This show will most assuredly sell out. If this is your jam, you definitely want to be there and you definitely want to get your tickets in advance.

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