Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Diptych Dirge of Decapitation

EYEHATEGOD from New Orleans is playing a show at Now That's Class tonight. With KEELHAUL, no less. I feel like it's 1999 all over again. Atlas Moth, Strong Intention and Own Weather open this up.

I drew this as a diptych, but then just now finished the colors on the left side, so the right side, with the giant severed head, was the only one anybody saw. Which, I think if you're going to choose one side to show people, that's the one you want.

I love making shit like this. Game elevating moves require so much more time than making bold but intuitive moves minus critical thought. You have to think about what you're doing before you do it. Then pay attention while you're doing it, even. It's about being patient. It's about refining things. Maybe swift unbridled boldness can elevate, can bring about significant changes, but boldness is almost all risk. Patient, analyzed moves are less risky, but take more effort, more time. More energy. I actually have no idea what I'm typing about anymore.

I think on it's own this is a seriously inferior piece. It's just not as compelling of an illustration. I knew I was going to break it in half when I drew this. I wonder if that's why I kind of let the symmetry slide a little. Got lazy with my anatomy. I dunno, I like to think not, but who knows?

I would probably write more about how I drew this, but really, it's pretty straight forward. This original is pretty big. I like to draw bigger these days. Nothing crazy huge, but bigger than what I was drawing on for years. Anyway, go to the show. Maybe I'll be there.

Here's an awesome video of EYEHATEGOD playing ON A BOAT:

EYEHATEGOD Boat Show 2009 from William on Vimeo.

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