Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Fudge Thin Mint Bread Pudding

This is the Dessert side of this month's table cards at Melt bar & grilled, featuring this octopus enjoying seven tasty sammiches. The desserts at Melt are always pretty amazing, but his month's Bread Pudding is a Hot Fudge Thin Mint Bread Pudding:

Let me reiterate exactly what that says, in case you need me to do that:
Chocolate Fudge Bread Pudding
Topped With Thick Gooey Hot Fudge
and a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

I can't wait to try this ridiculousness. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I guess they had this last year, but I wasn't making dessert tablecards yet, and I missed out. Not this year!

If you're interested, you can totally BUY THIS DRAWING. It's absolutely for sale, in the Shiner Comics Big Cartel Store:! I've got it listed super crazy inexpensive, in case there's any big Melt/Octopus/Illustration fans out there that would like to own a little piece of art, but wouldn't have the opportunity to hit up an art gallery or commission a drawing.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Been grinding but not on anything I can post up just yet, everything is set to go bananas next week. I do have some old jams I could dust off but I think I'll hold back for a minute.

In the mean time, here's some stuff I think you should know about:

Once upon a time, in the Magical Kingdom of Cleveland, a mythical place called Speak In Tongues actually existed, and it was amazing. A lot of messengers and creatures and ghosts and time travelers and crusties and heroes passed through the venue while it was there, and I would imagine that all of those would be hard pressed to have not been affected and influenced by the experience.

I'm not entirely sure I would know how to (or even have the license to) explain Speak In Tongues in a manner any better than that, but fortunately- I DON'T HAVE TO. One of the aforementioned heroes was a photographer named Ken Blaze. He's publishing a book of photographs of Speak in Tongues called Escaped To The Future, and it looks to be pretty incredible.

TONIGHT, FEBRUARY 25th 2011, Ken Blaze is throwing a release party for Escaped To The Future, at Visible Voice Books in Tremont. I know the weather's the worst, and there's FEET of SNOW all over the city, hell- I may not even be able to get to this event (much less out my door), but if you're stalwart and true and curious about one of the most significant cultural anomalies in Cleveland's history, or absolutely spectacular photography, or just want to schmooze and hang tough with others stalwart and true, you should go to this thing. If you can't make it to this jam, you should definitely keep your peepers peeled and grip this book post haste. Seek it out. That's your mission.

So, that flier for the release, drawn by my current collaborator on things Jake Kelly, features my dude Erick. He used to reign in Cleveland, a Speak staple, a weirdo of the highest caliber, but now he's in Brooklyn, NY. Anyway, he's been posting some great shit on Mute Tremors, which I encourage you to check out. The most recent thing is pretty awesome, and involves a confrontation with a doppelganger, which I found pretty humorous because on more than one occasion people confused us as brothers. Weird.

Speaking of doppelganger: Learn How To Defeat Them.

Speaking of Nine Panel Grids, Asaf Hanuka's The Realist has been pretty much straight up amazing for a little over a year. Really great, just start at the beginning and read on. In English, or Hebrew!

Hey, I was sitting on this until I could provide some art with it, but... whatever, I was on another episode of Astound Comics' podcast Comics Are Go! It's episode 56, you can download it or listen to it here: Comics Are Go on iTunes. It was a blast to sit in on the whole episode and rap about comics and movie trailers. Big thanks to Scott, Matt, and Hot Liquid!

Hey. Superman Annual 2011, an 80 Page Giant. The Cover, by Dustin Nguyen:

This came out about a month ago, of note because my dudes Abhay Khosla and Andy MacDonald have a story in it about Jimmy Olson. It's pretty awesome. I wish I had some art to post from it, but I didn't feel like digging around for it. Check out Abhay's comics here: TWIST STREET. You should also check out Andy's Terminator book with Zack Whedon here: TERMINATOR 2029-1984.

This weekend in LA: I have a piece in an art show.

This weekend in Cleveland: All Dinosaurs release a record.

Stay Tuned, more actual art and other stuff next week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fleagle Beagle Fan Art

Here's a piece of quick warm-up fan art for Fleagle Beagle, which has quickly become one of my favorite things on the internet. With weekday updates by my Cheeto sister, Cheeto McCloud, the mastery of the one pager is pretty fun to see develop.

I especially like the little detailed touches, like signs indicating things that are obvious, but maybe not apparent. Or... like a Rat Driving a Shoe (which, I am kicking myself now, being that I drew my fan art without looking at the strip- and see that the rat is indeed wearing sunglasses).

But She Promised That She'd Pay it Back

This is just something from something that I'm working on. Just felt like putting it up here tonight.

Been drawing a lot. It's 4am, again. My hands are bugging out, eyes hurt, starting to blur... forget about my back, wreckage.

Today, after working for about six hours I realized I didn't know where my phone was. I looked around the studio, the usual suspects and it wasn't there. It wasn't in my hoodie pockets, or my shirt. I went back to the kitchen to see if I had left it on the counter when I made lunch or... even breakfast. Nope. I checked the bathroom to see if I had taken it in there and forgotten it. I hadn't. I looked in the bedroom on the off chance that I hadn't even taken when I got up this morning. Of course it wasn't there. So I started the serious search, looking in my bag and on this futon mat thing I have in the studio that I stretched out on earlier. No dice. I checked this big chair that my ladybird sits in sometimes, and it didn't fall into the seat cushion. I searched a bunch of boxes, and the newly arranged den. I looked on all the shelves in my place. At this point I was moving everything in the studio around, hoping I had just not recognized it. I had wasted all this time looking for it, I had to find it. Who knows what I missed? What calls and texts? Some important time sensitive shit that only I could deal with? I moved the giant futon mat thing, the chair, the boxes under the giant futon mat thing, the covers and pillows off the bed.

Defeated, I was typing up an email to inform my girl I couldn't find my phone when ...*CHIME*... I heard it, the faint sound of my text message alert! somewhere in the studio. I immediately tried to locate the area of the studio the chime came from, but it was so faint it didn't matter. I moved the chair again, cleared off the futon mat, but it didn't matter. No phone.

I remembered that using iChat you could send instant messages to phone numbers, so I logged in for the first time in over a year (at least), and sent myself an SMS message. Waited.... *CHIME*! I swung around to look in the direction the chime came from, but I saw no indication that my phone had mysteriously appeared. So, I tried again. *CHIME*! This time I thought it was coming from another direction all together! Right behind me! So I tried again, but turned around during the lag between sending the IM and the *CHIME*. GHA! It sounded like it came from behind me again! So I tried another IM... *CHIME*! Freaking out a little, I moved everything around again, sent another IM... turned around really quickly... *CHIME*! Every time it sounds like it's coming from somewhere else!

I stop to think for a second. I'm paralyzed, I'm in a wheelchair... the last time I saw it was in the morning when I got dressed... so I transfer out of my chair and onto the futon mat and check the chair. Sometimes I put my phone on the seat when I'm not using it, maybe it had fallen behind or under the cushion? Nope. It then occurs to me to check inside my pants, as I can't feel my legs, maybe I had accidentally pushed it into one of the legs when I pulled my pants on this morning? Not there. I check the floor again, then transfer back into my chair. Defeat. I try the IM trick again... *CHIME*... goddammit, it's RIGHT HERE! SOMEWHERE! Again... *CHIME*. GHA!

Again... *CHIME* I look down, it's coming from the floor! Right in front of me! IM... *CHIME*...

My phone was in my right shoe. The one I had ON MY FOOT. I must have set it in my shoe this morning when I got up and got dressed and didn't realize it when I put my shoe on. Just slipped my foot into it and tied it up, oblivious. I missed three calls and two texts.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is a piece based on Sing A Song of Sixpence for an art show in Los Angeles, called Eat Your Art Out IV, which is Nursery Rhyme themed this year. It's a fundraiser auction for Angel City Derby Girls, with Beat Bee Jane Dope at the helm. The show will be on Saturday, February 26th at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.

When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?

The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money;
The queen was in the parlour,
Eating bread and honey.

The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes;
When down came a blackbird
And pecked off her nose.

I tried to imbue the drawing with as many references to things in the Nursery Rhyme as I could, and hype them out a little. I was definitely drawn to this story more than other nursery rhymes, Blackbirds being a strong element. Then I opted to just turn the birds into derby girls because it's fun to draw crowds, and it was maybe a better choice over making the Queen and Maid into them. Though, now that I'm looking at it, I could have made them into derby girls and the king a ref... well, better luck next year!

This was planned to be a lot bigger, at 11" x 28" rather than 11" x 17", which allowed me the room to give the King a tower of bricks for him to count his loot, the rye and garden for the Queen and Maid, and then a "pi" sculpture behind the Derby Girl Blackbirds busting outta the "pie". Also, the King had a sword, and I'm not sure why.

I rarely, almost never, do any painting. I love it, but it's time consuming and I feel like maybe I'm not as good at it as I would like to be. I chose a painting for this particular show because the artists roster is truly apeshit bananacakes, including some of my long long time comics friends, and I really didn't want to feel like I was half-steppin' in any way. At any rate, I think this came out pretty good.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Melt Mash Misfire

Way back in January, Melt did a Korean BBQ sandwich called The 4077 Hawkeye Korean BBQ Melt, I posted about it here a couple weeks ago. I mentioned how I originally thought it was going to be a poultry sandwich involving chicken or turkey, or hawk meat. I drew this homage to the original M*A*S*H poster.

You can tell this process was abandoned early, because I hadn't even gotten to the splatter effect yet. I thought it went well, even though it is kind of a ...potentially less than appetizing idea. Still, this definitely falls into the realm of the level of weirdness I think I would like to aspire to, exemplified by the Rooster Haus or the, by now trademarked, Keelhaul Sabretooth Chicken Bunny. It's 2011, weirdness abounds.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sweet Desserts

I've only been doing the tablecards for Melt bar & grilled for a few months, but it feels like I've made a lot of them.

UPDATE: There was a bunch of stuff about type and text and mistakes here, but I cut it out because I fixed it all.

True Story: Yesterday, a seven year old told me about how awesome the Red Velvet Cheesecake is.

I based this table card art on my homies Joe Penzvälto and Carolina Amunátegui. They're good peoples, and I like them a hell of a lot more than most people their age. They love Melt, and I figured they wouldn't mind if I co-opted their likenesses for this jam.

As you can see, they're quite the handsome couple. I've done this before, when I used my other good friends Zip and Gator for a Melt ad.

I don't think I had used any robots in a while, at least not for Melt stuff, and I was feeling kinda like I needed to. Also, I wasn't entirely certain what animal character Carolina would be, and she was a wicked Karen O (who?) for Halloween this past year. Joe as a koala was a no-brainer. Also, I was told that is his "power animal".

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


There's a new Witchfinder comic out from Dark Horse. It's called Lost and Gone Forever, which is most notably part of the lyrics to an American Western Folk Song, Oh My Darling, Clementine. At least, that's what I took it as, this being somewhat of a western comic, featuring an English Paranormal Victorian Era Detective named Sir Edward Grey. The Witchfinder is tied pretty closely to the entire Hellboy universe of comics.

The first volume of Witchfinder comics, In The Service of Angels was really awesome, so I was looking forward to this ever since that series ended. Little did I know it would be drawn by the legendary John Severin.

This was kind of a fast piece, drawn in short bursts while waiting for ink to dry on other things or printers to print, or files to transfer- so it took a couple days to get final, but I think all said and done, this is in the neighborhood of a 90 minute piece. Between the All Dinosaurs poster, the Dude Abide posters, and this... I think I'm addicted to these earthy palettes. I wonder what's up with that?

UPDATE: I added the original drawing to the Shiner Comics Big Cartel store: HERE. Only 26 bones, shipping included. Get it while it's hot!


Monday, February 07, 2011


I do have a Shiner Comics Big Cartel Store, where I will be posting specific prints and originals that I will be making available, as well as the occasional zines and other items. That site's address is

However, in addition to that store, I think I'll use this post as a listing that I will update as I make things available and changes happen.

All of the posters I've posted on this blog are available as archival digital prints on photo quality matte paper for $24 each, as an 11" x 17" OR a 13" x 19" (Some older prints are only available as an 11" x 14" because of their proportions).

When you place the order please indicate which poster you would like by either band/sandwich name or venue, and the date or year of the event. If you have any questions please shoot me an email at

The price includes shipping (unless it's overseas in which case please email me and we can work out the costs). Please allow two weeks for the delivery of your order.

Here's a handy paypal button:

Indicate which size you would like, and also include your address. If you would like multiple prints, I would be happy to work out some kind of deal.


It's Vol. #5 of Freestyle Hip Hop Nite at Now That's Class, now being hosted by Muamin Collective! Sponsored by Rap Snacks! Live DJ! Battles! $2 24oz Olde E cans! $3.50 MD 20/20! Cash Prizes!

My dude, Beckett of Hoodbillies and Gangster Wraps notoriety has been putting on these Freestyle Rap Nites. He requested I draw him, Paul from Now That's Class, and the members of Muamin Collective shooting dice. I think it came out pretty good.

I haven't been to one of these yet, but I think I should probably go. I doubt I'll have time, but I bet these are fun. You should go. You'll have fun.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Applause, Funny Ol' Cleveland

In addition to our January 18th Around Noon interview, Jake Kelly and I were interviewed on the January 27th episode Ideastream's Applause, on WVIZ Cleveland's PBS station. Watch that by clicking HERE.

In the "Funny Ol' Cleveland" department, I actually have connections to the artists in the other segments. I met Mike Gustovich two years ago at the first Genghis Con. Then again last year, he surprised us all by showing up early, before even we got there, and set up the entire convention floor without us! Also, I went to Horace Mann Middle School in Lakewood with Etch-A-Sketch wunderkind George Vlosich.

Today, Saturday February 5th, from around 2pm to 6pm Jake Kelly and I will be hanging out for open hours at Heights Arts at 2173 Lee Rd, just two doors down from the Cedar Lee. Come on by, say "hi", and check out A Few Hundred Posters. We will probably be doing this on some of the other Saturdays in February while the show is up, so check back for further updates.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome To Ramones Pizzeria

Melt bar & grilled has gone insane. A third special for a month with fewer days (and that doesn't include the special promotional jam for Valentine's Day, which I won't be doing a poster for). At any rate, February 18th and 19th, Welcome to Ramones Pizzeria:

Open Face Pizza Sandwiches!
Choose one from the Ramones Menu or Create Your Own!

The Joey Ramone 3 Cheese Meltdown
Provolone, Mozzarella and Asiago
The Johnny Ramone Veggie Lovers
Mushrooms, Roasted red peppers, Black olives, Sweet onions,
The Dee Dee Ramone Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Salami
The Markey Ramone Garlic White Pizza
Herb Cream Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Banana Peppers and Fresh Basil

See Rock n Roll High School, Saturday Feb 19 at The Capitol Theatre, at midnight. Part of the Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift! If you haven't been to one of these, I assure you they're a blast! I've never actually seen Rock n' Roll High School, so I'll probably go to this.

OH, and also down the street from The Capitol. Ramonesmania is going down at The Happy Dog before the movie for Ramones cover bands and true Rock n' Roll High School mayhem co-sponsored by Melt.

Matt specifically requested I use the art for the Ramones record Road to Ruin (originally drawn by Punk Magazine co-founder John Holstrom) for this poster, only set them in a pizzeria, which I promptly forgot about only to remember right after I finished the illustration...

So I used some math and magic to draw a red and white checkerboard tablecloth, a staple of the American pizzeria, in drastic perspective that I could drop in under the drawing of the Ramones, based on this record cover. It was a lot of fun to do this poster, but I can only rock Road to Ruin so many times. I had to migrate back to rap music, and heavier wackier jams eventually. It's funny sometimes I feel like The Ramones' songs are tantamount to children's music, which is a good thing- I think. It's simple and catchy and poppy, but aggro and needy and sometimes poignant beyond anything else being done at the time.

Well, I butchered the language again when I spelled "pizzeria" with an "a", but luckily it was a pretty easy fix. I think at this point, by the time I was working on the lettering for this, I had been awake and working for somewhere around 30 hours. There's a lot of text on this one, but the record cover is designed so well, it was a natural fit for this layout. I really lucked out. Matt could have asked me to base it on the actual movie poster for Rock n' Roll High School. That would have been a distaster! That poster... so crazy.

This is a case where the special is an entirely new sandwich and something Melt has never done before. I had to kinda of fly by the seat of my pants, which... I mean, I've drawn pizza before, and I'm pretty familiar with Melt food, so it wasn't intimidating or anything. I just would hate to have drawn something that is completely inaccurate and didn't represent what the sandwiches look like at all. So, I hope this looks good!

I opted to draw the veggie version, because that's probably what I'll be ordering. Man, I love a good veggie pizza. I think my favorite pizza is Angelo's (I can't even count the amount of Angelo's pizzas I've gotten late at night), but I think Danny Boy's is a pretty close second.

As a pup, I worked at (and grew up at) Lakewood's legendary Bobson's Hardware. Across the street was a Danny Boy's, where Tina's Restaurant is now, and the other dudes and I would get pizzas from them all the time. I remember I really looked up to this one dude, Pat Wadden, and he introduced me to the majesty of Danny Boy's cross between a messy sandwich and a calzone, the "woogie bear". It was an awesome, formative experience.

Man, I love pizza.

The Brat Pack Breakfast Club Melt

This sandwich sounds ridiculous. For real:

The Brat Pack Breakfast Club Melt
Scratch-made Captain Crunch Infused waffles
2 Fried Eggs
Crisp Bacon
American Cheese
All Dipped in Pancake Batter then Deep Fried to a Delicious Golden Brown
Served with a side of Bourbon Maple Syrup and Pixie Stix!

I never understood the fascination with The Breakfast Club that other people even just a year or two older than me seemed to take as a given. I guess I was always much more of a Weird Science and Ferris Bueller fan for my John Hughes money.

At any rate, go see The Breakfast Club at The Cedar Lee on Saturday February 5th at either 9:30 or Midnight! This is part of Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift. While you're there take a peek at Heights Arts, which won't be open, but you can get a glimpse of A Few Hundred Posters if you're so inclined.

For iconic posters of 80s movies, this one is hard to beat. At least in the non-adventure/non-horror/non-sci-fi movie posters category. Maybe it's the simplicity of it, the hierarchy of characters, or how indicative of the actual story it is... I mean, the movie is just about these characters staying in one setting the entire time. They're not even supposed to doing anything there, either. There are no frills, barely any exterior elements, just interaction between characters. A pile of human interaction. There ya go, there's your poster.

This was a blast to color. I think it came out looking really good and even though I wasn't 100% satisfied with how well I was able to capture the looks of the actors, I think this coloring job redeems that a little. I liked doing this poster. I did have the movie on while I was working on this. I hadn't seen it in a very long time, and even then I don't think I had even paid that close attention to it.

When I was in 9th grade, at Lakewood High, I found myself in Saturday School quite a few times... I had little to no interest in watching a movie about it. A good trick to get out early was always to volunteer when a janitor would ask for some students to help move a piano or sweep a gym or something. Then you would just work hard for ten minutes and they would either let you leave, or send you back to the cafeteria unescorted and you could sneak out and go enjoy your day. Or, in my case, you could go back to work.

I don't think I had ever noticed before, that The Breakfast Club has it's own weird little corporate logo. It's such an early 80's thing, to have a corporate logo, when yuppies were kings and the idea of rising up the rungs of a corporate ladder was the ideal. It's such a great juxtaposition with the themes the film plays with, about identity and individuality, about growing up and belonging to something, a sphere, bigger than yourself but not being influenced by the bigger things that loom just outside that sphere.

In a post a couple days ago, I wrote about the importance of details, and how that can make an image compelling or meaningful in ways that can make a difference. I know it's small, and subtle, probably only the most eagle of eyed grilled cheese fans would notice, but changing the patch on Emilio Estevez's jacket to a Melt logo is a perfect example of what I was talking about. Adding the sandwiches to the characters obviously makes this a "Melt" poster, but adding a Melt logo patch gives it the further touch of a unique, almost subliminal, feel that I think is one of the appeals that makes Melt something people are into, and fans of, definitely not as much as, but along with, the sandwiches and other great food.

Crazy Ol' Matt Fish's early idea for the sandwich was to use the waffles as the bread, we call that "Animal Style", and then batter that with the Captain Crunch infused pancake batter. I think this would have been so awesome, but mostly because back when Melt had a Sunday Brunch menu, they had a Waken Bacon sandwich done Animal Style with waffles for bread, and I loved it, and miss it like a long lost best friend... *single tear rolls down cheek...

HOWEVER, I'm kinda glad that it got changed to the Captain Crunch infused waffle, because Captain Crunch infused pancake batter would have shredded the interior of anyone brave enough to eat this thing's mouth, the poor souls. I didn't mind redrawing it, at this point I think I could draw these sandwiches in my sleep!

I am pretty proud of the colors on this though. I love that it kind if "glows" a little. I think this is one of my favorite of the sandwiches I've done, color-wise.

Okay, enough typing for me today. If you're into this stuff, feel free to "follow" or subscribe to this blog. I've kinda been on a posting warpath and I've got a lot more to get to. I'm going to try and stay on top of it all. Also, comments are always welcome!

Black Eyes

I just recently found this on a blogpost! I drew this portrait of the Black Keys for Columbus weirdo cartoonist Michael Neno, in his copy of Caveman Diaries Vol. 6!

I actually don't know much about The Black Keys, I had to search for a photo ref on my phone. I'll say this, though, that Blakroc is a hell of a record.

Check out NenoWorld, where you can get order copies of The Signifiers, which is a totally weird blast of bonkers comics! I think Scott at Astound Comics Shop in Westlake may still copies too.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Dude Returns Abide

It's February, and there's a new Melt monthly special, and this month I'm on top of it, posting up on day one. I've still got a couple Melt jams that I have to post from 2010, but I'm going to make an effort to keep things more current here from now on. I think people may actually be reading this thing.



This sandwich is awesome! It's:
Homemade Beef & Pork Italian Style Meatballs
Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Smothered in Rich Basil Marinara
Provolone & Romano Cheese
Amazing Vegetarian Version available

This sandwich was so popular back in December, when it was available for one weekend only, as a tie in with Cleveland Cinema's Late Shift screening of The Big Lebowski, that Melt has brought it back for an entire month. I had the veggie version before, and honestly, I'll probably eat at least two of them in the next four weeks. I can't recommend it highly enough.

This time I drew one big image and cut it right down the middle, much like I did on this Gyakushu diptych I did for RED 7, back in November. Rooster Cogburn was actually super easy and a LOT of fun to draw, The Dude is a fun but also difficult dude to capture though, at least for me it was.

Here's the black and white line art for the sandwich drawing. I've drawn so many of these at this point that I have a huge stack of sandwiches over here in the studio. It's getting a little ridiculous. Every couple months though, I get thrown a curve ball, which I will be posting tomorrow!

Here's the finished colors without the text. I wanted to make this piece as simple as I could, and focus on the characters. I wonder if the Coen Brothers will ever see this insanity. Do you think they're aware of how influential they are, not just on storytelling and film making, but also on sandwiches and posters for sandwiches?

Here's the text, minus colors. I think maybe I botched it on the colors of these on the posters. I think the texture of them gets lost in a way that I hadn't intended. In retrospect I think I know what I could have done differently to improve on that but... I also misspelled "Marinara", which was immediately pointed out on the Melt facebook page, thank you public.... thanks you for pointing that out.Well, for your information I spell words wrong all the time. I misspelled like, 290 of the 35,000 names on the Love Stinks poster (which... (that wasn't entirely my fault, I didn't book that show or give myself the final list to put on the poster, but I should have spent the ten minutes it would have taken to check all the spellings) that show is going to be off the hook, you should definitely make an effort to go, and buy some goddamn art), and 67,982 or the 3,889,278,666 names on the original Lottery League poster. True story: on the very first print run of the very first comic I ever made, way back when I was just a pup, I spelled my last name wrong on the cover. MY LAST NAME. ON THE COVER.

Stay tuned! I have more posters to post later, two more Melt posters this month, even. Maybe THREE. Plus a bunch of odds and ends.